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Ransomware – SaaS

All it takes is one click by an employee to put your data in jeopardy. Protect your business with a Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solution. Contact us to learn more.

Ransomware – Everyday Devices

The best way to prepare employees to stop #ransomware attacks is to train them. Train new employees at orientation and all employees bi-annually. We will train your team and follow up with onsite and remote support. Contact us here.

Our RMM Uses World-Class Security

World-class security means security measures at every point. We use Datto RMM as our Remote Monitoring and Management solution because it has comprehensive security at every point. Learn how we ensure that you’re IT is safe and secure here.

Protect Your Investment with Remote Management

Technology isn’t only an asset. It’s a major investment. Let us arm you with actionable insights, to optimize that investment. We provide detailed reports that are easy to understand and are relevant to your business. Click here to learn more.

Rapid Response

Our team’s rapid response means supporting any device, from any location, at any time. Find your peace of mind here.

Using an RMM Brings Proactive Support

With Datto RMM, we address potential issues before they become a problem because we have the ability to monitor your businesses’ devices, applications, and systems continuously. Learn how you can add peace of mind to your business here.

Are You Prepared?

In the case of cybersecurity, offense wins and the defense loses. Interested in learning more about cyber resilience or risk assessment? Give us a call.

Goodbye Windows 7!

Goodbye Windows 7. Hello Windows 10, the “last” Windows. No more difficult upgrades. Let us help you migrate. After migration, let us show you the benefits of a managed services agreement. All your IT, managed, maintained, backed up, and secured. No worries, no fuss, easy to budget. What could be simpler? Contact us today!

Still Using Windows 7 In Your Business? Don’t Risk It!

Don’t leave your business open to security vulnerabilities. Migrate to Windows 10 with minimum downtime and maximum peace of mind. Protect your business with the latest operating system, we train your team, and watch your KPI’s go off the charts! Let Smart Technology Solutions show you how cost effective and worry-free a managed services agreement can be for your company. Contact us today!

To Upgrade or Replace? That is the Question!

To upgrade or replace devices, that is the question when it comes to Windows 10. Some older machines may have the power to handle an upgrade to Windows 10, others may need to be replaced. How can you know for sure? We’ve prepared a checklist for you here.

Hindsight Is Always 20/20

Ask the 30% of companies who lost data from SaaS applications according to a recent survey if they backup their SaaS data. Hindsight is always 20/20, but why wait to protect your important data? Learn more here.

Thoughts On Data Retention

Would you rather retain your Office 365 data forever, or for a few months? Depending on your industry, there may be retention regulations that go far beyond Microsoft’s default policy (which is just a few months). Plus, in today’s litigious age, it pays to be safe and not sorry. Learn more here.

Is Your Office 365 Data Backed Up?

Office 365 may host your data in the cloud, but how do they back it up? They aren’t responsible for your data, they only make sure that you can access their service to send and receive email. Find out how you can safeguard your company’s cloud data here.

How to Lose Cloud Data – Tip #3

How to lose cloud data, tip 3: make an employee angry…really really angry. Have you followed Street & Smart’s A Method for finding, recruiting, and retaining employees, and were slow to hire and quick to fire? With a SaaS backup solution in place, your company data is safe from disgruntled employees. Find out more here.

Be Part of the Solution! Protect Your Data!

IT pros say there’s a lack of cybersecurity training across businesses worldwide. Why put your data in jeopardy? Be a part of the solution, not another statistic. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how a business continuity/disaster recovery solution can fit into your budget.

Just One Click, and Poof! Then What?

All it takes is one click by an employee to put your data in jeopardy. Protect your business with a Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solution. To learn more about these solutions, contact us. You’ll be glad you did – in today’s digital environment, it’s not a matter of IF you and your company are attacked, it’s a matter of WHEN you’re attacked.

Cybersecurity Training? Yep, We Do That!

The best way to prepare employees to stop ransomware attacks is to train them. Train new employees at orientation and all employees bi-annually. Bet you didn’t know that Smart Technology Solutions will provide cybersecurity documentation and train your team on how to avoid cybersecurity risks, and, the best part is, if you’ve got the support hours available, it may not cost you anything! Contact us to find out more!

Be Proactive, Not Reactive!

We take a proactive approach when it comes to the #technical needs of our clients. No matter what the day might bring we’ll ensure that your business continues to run smoothly. #businesscontinuity

Business Owners Need to Teach Staffers About Password Safety

Business Owners Need to Teach Staffers About Password Safety

When was the last time you thought about your passwords? If you’re a business owner or manager, have you trained your employees how to choose good ones AND how to keep them safe? Even basic cybersecurity needs to be intentional – think about asking a professional for help. That’s what we’re here for.

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We’re a Trusted Resource

Offload difficult, time-consuming tasks to a team of technology experts. We have the resources, flexibility and experience. Contact us today! #MSP

Too Many Hats?

Are you running a business AND managing your IT? Let’s take some of that responsibility off of your plate. Check out this eBook to learn more.

Leave IT To The Pros

Allow us to secure your business systems and data from all threats with ongoing technology monitoring and management. Download this eBook to learn more.

You Need a Break!

Let us take on the IT responsibility of your plate. We’ll ensure that your business continues to run smoothly no matter what the day might bring. #MSP

Stretched Too Thin?

Feeling stretched thin when it comes to managing day-to-day IT tasks? It might be time to consider moving your IT workload to a managed service provider (that’s us!)

Guardians of Your Technology

As an IT Service Provider, we are the guardians of your IT. Contact us and reduce your business risk by putting complex tasks into the hands of experts. #ITpro

Sanity Check

For your own sanity and the sake of your business, it’s time to consider outsourcing your IT to a tech expert. Download this eBook to learn more about the benefits.

Cheaper Than An Employee!

Did you know that outsourced IT is generally more cost effective than hiring in-house IT staff for smaller businesses? Get proactive with your IT. Contact us today!

Law Firm Tip – Be Prepared, Not Blindsided

It doesn’t matter if it’s severe weather or #ransomware, if your systems are offline or you’ve lost valuable client data, it could be disastrous for your firm. Learn more about the #legal industry’s unique risks and best practices here.

Focus On Your Business, Not Your IT

No time to manage the tech that supports your business? It might be time to consider outsourcing your #IT. We have the resources, flexibility and experience to manage a law firm’s unique IT needs.